President's Message

March 2018

    By  Melanie May



Hello CCJSCA membership!

A great deal has happened since I last wrote to you.  Our committees are off and running with their agendas for the year and great progress has been made in each of them.  And, we have exciting news about one of our members.

At our last conference, we were so pleased to welcome Judge Abbi Silver from Las Vegas, Nevada.  She was a new chief on a fairly new court.  She was full of energy and ideas, and we looked forward to working with her.  Three months later, we received good news and bad news.  The good news was that Judge Silver is now a Justice-elect of the Nevada Supreme Court, having filed for the office and having received no opponent.  The bad news is that she will not be with us for much longer.  But, rumor has it that she will join us along with Judge Michael Gibbons in San Diego before starting her new job.  Her meteoric rise is simply a reflection of the dynamic person and Chief we met in October.   Congratulations Abbi!  We wish you much happiness and success in your new position, but we will miss you.

Our annual conference committee, ably chaired by Judge Glenn Acree, met in San Diego in late January.  I am pleased to tell you that the entire program has been planned and nearly all of our speakers have already been confirmed.  A wonderful program and interesting activities await you in November. Our host judges, Justice Judy McConnell and Justice Manny Ramirez have gone above and beyond to secure vibrant programs and speakers to highlight California legal history and bring you up to date on the latest in hot topics.    

I want to acknowledge the amazing work of our Membership Committee this year.  Under the inspired leadership of Judge Mark Pfeiffer, many new chiefs from around the country have already committed to attend the annual conference.  He has reached out to these new chiefs on a personal level, and it has made all the difference.  Watch for his report in our upcoming Newsletter

As I mentioned in my last message, this will be a year of strategic planning.  Our Long-Range Planning Committee, led by Chair Morris Silberman and Vice-Chair Susan Gantman, have planned an in-person retreat in conjunction with our Executive Committee meeting in April.  All committees will be submitting ideas to the Long-Range Planning Committee in anticipation of that meeting. 

A special thank you to my right arm, Judge Maggie Robb, our president-elect, without whose help none of this could be accomplished. 

            I’ll be back next month with more news! 








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