President's Message

December  2017

    By  Melanie May


Hello CCJSCA membership!

As I begin my term as President, I am eternally grateful to our past president William B. Murphy for his remarkable leadership last year.  I am equally thankful to all of you for allowing me this great privilege.  

Having just celebrated Thanksgiving, I need to give thanks to last year’s committees and their chairs for the amazing things they accomplished in 2017.  I echo the sentiments of outgoing President Murphy in his final message:  our committees are our workhorses and they achieved a great deal last year.  Thank you to all of you who served.

Our conference in Kentucky proved to be another huge success!  We were fortunate to be welcomed by the Chief Justice and Governor of the State.  We were entertained by historical presentations on Henry Clay and the Bourbon Trail.  We were educated on the founding of the Constitution, technology, disaster planning, security, and the latest decisions of our Supreme Court.  We were challenged with the new dynamics of appellate courts and the issues facing us now and in the future.  We worked on ethical scenarios we may encounter as chief judges.  In short, we left the conference wiser than we arrived.

Perhaps the highlight of the conference came when we were fortunate enough to be entertained by Judge Glenn Acree’s band “Off the Clock”, featuring his lovely wife Lisa, and our resident musicians, Phil Espinosa and Steve Powell.  Who knew?

Next year promises to be another great year for the CCJSCA.  We have exciting plans underway for San Diego on November 13-17, 2018.  Justices Judy McConnell and Manny Ramirez have been brain-storming on both educational and social programming.  Our closing event will be held on the flight deck of the USS Midway.  And, Judge Glenn Acree will be chairing the Annual Conference Committee, accompanied by his vice-chair Judge Dave Gratton.

This will also be a year of strategic planning.  I have asked our Long-Range Planning Committee, led by Chair Morris Silberman and Vice-Chair Susan Gantman, to update our long-range plan from soup to nuts.  I have tasked our committee leadership to keep us apprised of their work in the Chief’s Brief.

Judge Mark Pfeiffer and Justice Sandee Marion are off to a great start with membership, having reached out to seven new chiefs, who have committed to attend our San Diego conference.  Not to be outdone, Art Scotland, John Martin, and Brad Hill have already begun work on development.  Judge Maggie Robb and Justice Kem Frost have great ideas on how to increase our educational opportunities.

Thank you to all the new committee chairs, vice-chairs, and members for their willingness to serve CCJSCA this year.  Remember, no good deed goes unpunished.

With that said, I wish all of you and your families the happiest of holidays and leave you with this thought: