President's Message

 June  2018

By  Judge Melanie May




It’s Summertime!  I hope everyone finds some time to get some much needed rest and have a little summertime fun!

Your Long-Range Planning and Executive Committees met at the end of April in Phoenix.  They reviewed, brain-stormed, tweaked, and came up with a lot of new, innovative, and exciting ideas for the future of CCJSCA.  Be on the lookout for a number of bylaws changes being recommended for the membership to vote on in November.  Many thanks to John Doerner from the National Center for State Courts, who facilitated the prelims and full day of planning.  And, it would not have been possible without the fearless leader of the Long-Range Planning Committee, Judge Morris Silberman, and his team.

With the recommendation of the Administration of Justice Committee, the Executive Committee approved the Resolutions of the Conference of Chief Justices and State Court Administrators.

I hope you enjoyed the last edition of the Chief’s Brief!  Thanks to its captain, Justice Roy Valdez, and his wonderful committee, there was something for everyone in the last edition.  Thank you Newsletter Committee!  Speaking of that, the Newsletter Committee is once again asking for articles for the next edition.  If you have something to add, please email it to Justice Valdez.  The deadline is July 13, 2018.

Whatever the topic of discussion at the committee meetings in April, the subject always came back to our website and its importance in communicating with, sharing ideas with, and providing resources for our membership.  Through the hard work, innovation, creativity, and leadership of Judge Gary Lynch and Judge Phil Espinosa, our website was born.  We shall forever be grateful for their leadership and commitment.  With the speed of today’s technology, it’s time for a tune-up. Justice Vance Raye and his Website Committee are working with the Executive and Long-Range Planning Committees to redesign our website to make it as user friendly as it can be, as relevant and topical as it can be, and a place you want to go to find what you need.

The Membership Committee is on fire.  Watch for Judge Mark Pfeiffer’s article in the next Chief’s Brief to meet a number of new members, who will be joining us in San Diego.

Judge Glenn Acree and his Annual Conference Committee are putting the final touches on our program for San Diego.  Our host committee, Justices Judith McConnell and Manuel Ramirez, and Kevin Lane have provided outstanding ideas, local expertise, and entertainment you won’t want to miss.  Thank you to all of them.  We will soon be launching our registration for the conference and Judge Dave Gratton’s Scholarship Committee will soon be hard at work helping to provide funding to get you there.  Watch out for those announcements.

And lastly, I would like to thank Lynn Kuderka, Toni Grainer, Sydney Rohnow, and Jennifer Haire, who have so tirelessly worked with each of the committees in insuring they get their work done and documented, and that San Diego will be a conference to remember!









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