President's Message

April 2017

    This month I’d like to remind everyone that the CCJSCA has a wonderful and robust website dedicated to its members and our mission of promoting and improving the administration of justice and operation of our courts through consultation and education. The website offers valuable resources and tools to inform and enhance the job of chief judge, contains in-depth information about our annual conferences, and provides constantly updated information about What’s New with our members and organization. And several exciting new features were recently added, including the New Chiefs Toolbox—providing a special collection of resources aimed at newly appointed chiefs, such as videos of sessions from past annual conferences—and five remarkable Interactive Leadership Modules that take you through a dynamic, hands-on learning experience. Also new to the website is a section on Appellate Innovations, offering an assortment of best practices from around the nation.

    But I would especially like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of a powerful website feature for all members new and old—a specially designed Chiefs Forum that provides a secure online environment for posing questions, getting ideas and help in addressing challenging issues, and sharing experiences all year long. The Forum has been underutilized to this point, and that is something I’d like to change. Next time you find yourself scratching your head or reaching for the aspirin due to a knotty issue that requires your guidance and leadership, remember that there are about 70 other chiefs out there, and certainly some, if not a lot, have likely already dealt with the same or a similar issue. If you ask, they will answer! And the Forum is not just all work. There’s an area for socializing, too, if you visit the Off the Bench section to share something fun or interesting with the rest of us. In short, CCJSCA.ORG gives us tools to be better chief judges, expands and multiplies our collective wisdom, and fosters a year-round “community of chiefs.” I hope to “see you” at the Forum!

    And last but not least, I would like to thank and acknowledge our former association manager, Tiffany Mitchell, who resigned last month to pursue another opportunity with another organization. Thank you, Tiffany, for all of your hard work and dedication, and we wish you the best of luck in your new position.


Officers of the Council of Chief Judges of the State Courts of Appeal, 2016-2017



Honorable William B.  Murphy

Judge, Michigan Court of Appeals



Honorable Melanie G. May

Judge, Florida Court of Appeal, Fourth District



Honorable Margret Robb

Judge, Indiana Court of Appeals



Honorable Brad Hill

Administrative Presiding Justice

California Court of Appeal

Fifth Appellate District


Immediate Past President

Honorable William D. Palmer

Florida Court of Appeal, Fifth District


 Members of the Executive Committee

Honorable Glenn E. Acree

Chief Judge, Kentucky Court of Appeals


Honorable Everett  O. Inbody

Judge, Nebraska  Court of Appeals


Honorable Josh R. Morriss

Chief Justice, Texas Court of Appals, Sixth District


Honorable Stephen W. Powell

Judge, Ohio Court of Appeals, Twelfth District


Honorable Morris Silberman

Judge, Florida Court of Appeal, Second District


Honorable Rogelio Valdez

Chief Justice, Texas Court of Appeals, Thirteenth District