President's Message

October/November   2018

By  Judge Melanie May



As I come to the end of my term as President of CCJSCA, I am reminded of what a fabulous year this has been due to all of the hardworking judges that contributed so much.  Thank you just doesn’t seem adequate, but a hearty thank you to all!  It was such an honor to serve CCJSCA and its members!

 Soon, we will gather for our Annual Conference in San Diego, California.  It is the perfect culmination of all that we have worked so hard to achieve this year.  First, be prepared to vote on a few bylaws changes.  You will find these as part of our business meeting packet.  Primarily, the changes have been recommended by your Executive Committee.  Other than formatting changes and some renumbering and relettering, there are two areas to note:  (1) Membership has been defined more clearly in Article II, Section A.; and (2) we have added subsection D. of Article VII to reflect the officers to be nominated.

 Pursuant to our new strategic plan, we have created a Communications Committee as an umbrella for all communications with our membership.  It will encompass both our website and our newsletter committees as sub-committees.  We hope to better streamline and coordinate our communications through this new committee.

 In November, we are submitting a grant application to the State Justice Institute for research and production of a white paper on Communication, Collaboration, and Collegiality in the technology age.  Keep your fingers crossed and your eyes wide open if we are fortunate enough to receive this grant. 

 I want to thank Chief Judge David Gratton (ID) and his Scholarship Committee for their work on providing scholarships to our members to attend the Annual Conference.  Their work is short-lived, but so valuable!

 Exciting News!  Our cracker jack Website Redesign Sub-Committee suggested, and your Executive Committee selected, a vendor for the redesign of our website.  The contract has been signed.  The plan is to make our website a place you want to visit, and to do so more easily than ever.  The work will take place over the next several months and the website launched sometime in the Spring, 2019.  A super special thank you to Justice Vance Raye (CA), Judge Phil Espinosa (AZ), and Judge Gary Lynch (MO), who were instrumental in moving this project forward.

 One of our members wore several hats this year, Judge Everett Inbody (NE).  He successfully chaired our Administration of Justice and Resolutions Committees, was a member of our Executive Committee, and served as our Historian.  And, he did so with distinction.  Thank you Rett!

 We had several of our members retire this year.  Hats off to you:  Judge Michael Talbot (MI), Judge Everett Inbody (NE), and Judge William Palmer (FL).  We wish you much happiness and good health in your retirement, and we hope you continue to remain a part of our CCJSCA family.

 Thank you to the amazing staff of the National Center for State Courts:   Lynn Kuderka, Sydney Rohnow, and our annual conference guru, Antoinette (Toni) Grainer, without whom we could not have survived.

 I want to thank the members of your Executive Committee, many of whom served as chairs or participated in multiple committees over the year.  It has been a busy year, and I have asked a lot of them.  Each time, they came through with great ideas, critical thinking, hard work, and dedicated service.  If you get a chance at the Annual Conference, please thank them for their hard work.  They include:  Judge Margret Robb (IN), Justice Brad Hill (CA), Judge Stephen Powell (OH), Judge William Murphy (MI), Judge Glenn Acree (KY), Judge Susan Gantman (PA), Judge Everett Inbody (NE), Justice Josh Morris (TX), Judge Morris Silberman (FL), and Justice Roy Valdez (TX).

 And though she has been thanked before, to Judge Margret Robb (IN), my right arm, my second set of eyes and ears, and a special friend:  I simply could not have made it through the year without your support, guidance, creative ideas, and hard work.  I wish you a wonderful year next year as you step into the shoes of President for which you are so well-suited.


With that being said.: