President's Message

September  2018

By  Judge Melanie May



I hope everyone had a wonder Labor Day weekend.

We are two months away from our Annual Conference!  Thanks to Judge Glenn Acree and his Annual Conference Committee, and our Hosts Justice Judith McConnell, Justice Manuel Ramirez, and Kevin Lane, we have something special to look forward to in November this year.  Please be sure to register and book your flight and hotel to join us.

The proposals for our website redesign are in and look promising.  Our subcommittee chaired by Justice Vance Raye, and including Judges Phil Espinosa and Gary Lynch are hard at work reviewing the details to make a recommendation to your Executive Committee.  Stay tuned for more news on this new adventure for CCJSCA.

Your Education Committee, chaired by Judge Margret Robb and co-chaired by Justice Kem Frost, has been busy coming up with new educational opportunities for our membership.  To that end, a new task force has been created to develop a topic or topics for a new white paper, presentation, training module, or best practices guide to help our intermediate appellate courts meet the challenges of the future.   A special thanks to Judge Karen Arnold-Burger, who graciously agreed to chair the task force, and to Judge Jack Sabatino and Judge Mark Green to brainstorm ideas.  This is an exciting project, and the end project should be a useful tool for all of us.

Last month, your Long-Range Planning Committee, chaired by Judge Morris Silberman (FL), and vice-chaired by President Judge Susan Gantman (PA), put the finishing touches on a fabulous long-range plan for the future of CCJSCA.  But, it could not have been possible without John Doerner of the National Center for State Courts, who facilitated a day and a half long meeting where the long-range planning committee reviewed our bylaws, action plans, and discussed how CCJSCA can better serve our members.  Lots of new ideas were hatched, and many of them are already underway.  

Our past-president Judge William Murphy, ably chaired our Nominations Committee, who prepared a wonderful slate of officers and executive committee members for your consideration at our business meeting in San Diego.  Judge Margret Robb will automatically become our new president according to our bylaws.  The other nominees are . . . envelope please:


President-Elect                                       Justice Brad Hill (CA)

Vice-President                                        Judge Stephen Powell (OH)

Secretary-Treasurer                              Judge Morris Silberman (FL)

Past-President                                       Judge Melanie G. May (FL)

Executive Committee                            Judge David Gratton (UT)

  Justice Kem Frost (TX)

  Judge Mark Pfeiffer (MO)


Congratulations to our nominees!  Other currently serving Executive Committee members include:  Chief Justice Josh Morriss III (Texas) and President Judge Susan Peikes Gantman (Pennsylvania).  In addition, incoming President Judge Margret Robb of Indiana will appoint one additional Executive Committee member.


Until next month, “That’s All Folks!”