Administration of Justice

Administration of Justice

The Administration of Justice Committee has been given the following responsibilities: (1) to make recommendations to the Executive Committee in response to requests to the Council to take formal positions on issues affecting the administration of justice of a member state's judicial system, and (2) to make recommendations to the Executive Committee whether the Council should publicly support resolutions that the Conference of Chief Justices approves in matters relating to public service and the administration of justice.


Administration of Justice

 Rett Inbody, NE, Chair

Lisa Neubauer, WI, Vice-Chair

Karen Arnold-Burger, KS

Jay P. Cohen, FL

Jonathan D. Gerber, FL

Diane M. Johnsen, AZ

W. Matthew Stevenson, FL

Michael J. Talbot, MI

Larry D. Vaught, AR

Edward J. Cleary, MN