Annual Conference Committee

Annual Conference Committee


The Annual Conference Committee is responsible for planning the annual conference, a task that includes selection the conference location, arranging meeting and housing facilities, establishing an education agenda and planning social activities for members and guests.

The chair and vice-chair of the Annual Conference Committee will automatically serve as members of the Education Committee .

The chair of the Finance Committee will serve as a resource person to assist the Annual Conference Committee related to financial matters. 


Annual Conference

Glenn E. Acree, KY, Vice-Chair

David Gratton, ID, Vice-Chair

Cory J. Ciklin, FL         

Susan Gantman PA

Alan M. Loeb, CO

Judith M. McConnell, CA

Manuel Ramirez, CA

Carmen Messano, NJ

William D. Palmer, FL

Jack M. Sabatino, NJ

Larry D. Vaught, AR

Carolyn Wright, TX