The objective of the Education Committee is to fulfill the primary educational mission of the Council by planning and conducting the education sessions at the Council's annual conference.

This committee shall:

Determine the Council’s educational needs by--

  • Surveying the membership annually to solicit perceived education needs.
  • Inquiring with the NCSC and other appropriate organizations to ascertain relevant trends, both short and long term, that create educational opportunities for the Council.

Annually prepare and recommend to the Executive Committee an Education Plan to include—

  • The Council’s educational goals and objectives to meet the identified needs.
  • Suggested methods and timeframes for accomplishing the goals and objectives.
  • A method for evaluating the accomplishment of the stated educational goals and objectives.

Review, revise and update the Education Plan at least annually.

Consult with other committees as necessary to coordinate the Council’s education activities so as to align them with the Education Plan and the accomplishment of its goals and objectives.

The President Elect shall chair this committee and the Vice President shall be vice-chair.  The chair and vice-chair of the Annual Conference Committee and the chair of the Web Site Committee shall automatically serve as members along with such other members as appointed by the President. .