Strategic Planning Process: 

The Executive Committee of the Council shall consist of the officers of the Council, the immediate past President, five elected members of the Council, and one additional member to be appointed by the President.

The term of an elected member of the Executive Committee shall be two years, commencing at the close of the annual meeting at which he or she is elected. The term of office of at least three of the elected members of the Executive Committee shall expire each year. No elected member shall serve more than two successive terms in that capacity. The appointed member shall serve until the adjournment of the annual meeting next following that annual meeting at which he or she was appointed.

Only Regular, Associate, or Life Members of the Council are eligible for election to the Executive Committee of the Council.

The Executive Committee shall be the governing body of the Council
between annual meetings. It shall meet at the call of the President on not less than ten (10) days’ notice and shall meet at each annual meeting of the Council. Signed waivers of notice from all executive committee members shall be the equivalent of notice. The attendance of an executive committee member at a meeting waives notice of the meeting unless the executive committee member attends for the express purpose of contesting that the meeting was not duly called or convened.

A majority of the members of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum. Actions by the Executive Committee shall be determined by a majority vote of the executive committee members at the meeting. Action without a meeting may be taken by the consent of all executive committee members. Executive committee members may participate in a meeting by means of a conference telephone call, and such participation shall constitute presence in person at such meeting.