The purpose of the Nominating Committee is to fill offices and positions on the Council of Chief Judges Executive Committee. 

The Nominating Committee, which is chaired by the Immediate Past President, shall be comprised of the Chair and the four preceding past presidents.

The Nominating Committee shall consult with the President regarding who should be nominated to serve as officers and members of the Executive Committee.

A strength of the Council of Chief Judges of State Courts of Appeal (CCJSCA) is the broad spectrum of member court experiences and practices, which is shared among members as they examine ways to deal with common problems and learn about effective programs instituted in other intermediate appellate courts.

The value of CCJSCA is thus enhanced when those in its leadership positions reflect the broad spectrum of its membership, as well as the commitment to advance CCJSCA's mission.

Accordingly, CCJSCA adopts the following guidelines for the nomination of officers and members of the Executive Committee and for the appointment of members of other committees:

Officers and committee members must

  • possess leadership qualities.
  • be committed to CCJSCA's mission.
  • be interested in serving.
  • be willing to spend the time and energy necessary to fulfill the duties of the position.
  • represent the broad spectrum of the membership (e.g., geography, size of court, gender, race, ethnicity).
  • have participated in CCJSCA.

Nominating Committee

 William Murphy, MI, Chair

William D. Palmer, FL

Gary W. Lynch, MO

John C. Martin, NC

Vance W. Raye, CA